salmon avocado pita

salmon avocado pitasalmon avocado pitasalmon avocado pitaUgh. So my camera broke. I’m not even kidding. When I try to turn it on, the screen flashes and it makes a ticking noise. Ironically, the ticking increases at the same rate as my temper…but that’s besides the point. I’m seriously NOT happy about breaking yet another electronic device. I’m not even sure if I can get together the funds to buy a new one. Sigh. It sucks. I guess it slowly broke when I lugged it into work everyday for the past 4 months. Very upsetting. Do you guys want to know the story behind how I got this camera (even if you say “no”, I’m telling you anyway haha)? Well, I bought it five years ago after my other one got damaged in a “sandstorm” when I slept under the stars in Morocco (that kinda makes me sound like a bad a**, doesn’t it?). When I flew back to France, I immediately sought out the French equivalent of a Best Buy to replace it. That’s where I found this bad boy and fell in love. It was an amazing camera with SO many features. Well, that love affair is over now that it’s kaput. Sigh…

So, when I realized the camera was definitely broken, I “decided” to give up cooking, my blog, technology, and pretty much everything I could think of…until I remembered I had a cell phone and friends/family to mooch off of! Since no one was around, I was forced to snap some shots of this sandwich off my cell (which also needs replacing). Who knows what camera I’ll use for future recipes, but I’m thinking my mom’s iPhone might come in handy in the interim.

And now after rambling on for two paragraphs, we finally get to the recipe! It’s a salmon avocado pita. So simple, yet a really fun way to enjoy salmon. A pita pocket gets filled with light alfalfa, a cool roasted red pepper, creamy avocado, and sizzling salmon. Since it needs a little sauce, I tossed in some ranch dressing. Oh, and some red onion shavings for that bit of zestiness we all crave. Overall, it’s simple, with some fun flavors and textures that remind you of eating outdoors in warm weather.

I’m too bummed to write anymore, but in the comments below, leave me some suggestions on what camera to get. Lord knows I could use some help picking out a new one. Thanks!


2 filets of salmon (bakedĀ or broiled)

1/2 avocado

2 whole wheat pitas

2 roasted red pepper

2 teaspoons ranch dressing

Alfalfa sprouts, to taste

Red onion, to taste


Flake the cooked salmon.

Cut the pitas in half.

Add half of all the ingredients into the pita. Repeat for second pita.