Whenever I do a sandwich and soup/salad combo for lunch, I like to keep both of the dishes light. Often I make an “open faced” sandwich…it only uses one piece of bread and usually a lot less filling! Pack in the veggies and a dash of seasoning, and you can get a delicious and figure friendly lunch in mere minutes!

**make this recipe into a full sandwich by adding another piece of bread on top and doubling the amount of tuna filling**

1 whole wheat slice of bread

2 tablespoons hummus

8 baby spinach leaves

¼ can tuna (packed in water, but drained)

2 kalamata olives (diced)

1 sundried tomato (diced)

Pinch oregano

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon ranch dressing (optional)

Lightly toast the bread.

Using a butter knife spread the hummus on one side of the sandwich.

Top with the baby spinach leaves and tuna.

Sprinkle on the diced olives and sundried tomato.

Add the desired amount of oregano and salt and pepper.

Eat with a fork and knife or pick up to eat!