Spreadable Oreos (Oreo Butter) Spreadable Oreos (Oreo Butter)Spreadable Oreos (Oreo Butter)I have something to confess: I gotz cookies on me mind! Ever since I wrote about cookie butter at the end of July, I can’t get the concept out of my head…or mouth. I literally want to slather everything with a delicious dessert dip. But it’s not only the spreadable variety that’s consuming my every thought. There are cookies everywhere I look; on TV, in store windows, flashing internet ads, etc. I’m starting to think that cookies are taking over my life. Thankfully I’ve been able to (barely) restrain myself from scarfing down each cookie that crosses my path. Don’t judge me or the cookie crumbs riddling my dreams (yes, I’m even dreaming about this stuff). All of us go through food phases, cookie butter just happens to be mine right now.

Since I can’t seem to think about anything else, I decided to create a new cookie butter flavor with the oh-so-delicious and classic Oreo. I know what you’re thinking. “wtf is this amazingness, Stephen?!”. Well, I figured that if regular cookie butter was killer, why not use different kinds of cookies? There are literally endless flavor possibilities. It’s so simple and genius that it just might work. And it did! So Oreo Cookie Butter was born and it’s never going away. I’ll give you a second to wipe the drool off your mouth. I know. So good. :)

When I was coming up with this recipe, I played around with a few different versions. After going back and forth between two, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. You see, the recipe with extra corn syrup tastes like Oreo fudge (note to self: start fiddling around with fudge recipes immediately). But the other recipe tastes exactly like a spreadable Oreo Cookie. So which do I share with you guys when each are equally addictive? Both. That’s right, my indecision is bringing you two versions of the same recipe. I dare you to decide on a winner. Can’t be done. But here’s a tip for either recipe – keep some of the cookie crumbs chunky. Everyone in my family enjoyed having some texture over a completely smooth spread. But then again, they’re your taste bubs, so by all means go smooth if you so desire.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful Friday here on the east coast. Hopefully you guys don’t work too hard today!

**Use as a dip for pretzels and cookies, icing for cupcakes, mixed into pancake batter, drizzled over ice cream, or even folded into yogurt.** 


Version 1: Tastes like spreadable Marshmallow/Oreo Fudge

10 oz Oreos

3/4 cup corn syrup

2-3 tablespoons milk


Version 2: Tastes exactly like a spreadable Oreo

8 oz Oreos

1/4 cup corn syrup

3 tablespoons milk


Directions for both versions:

Add the Oreos to a food processor. Pulse into chunky crumbs. If you do not have a food processor, put the cookies into a resealable bag and smash with a rolling pin until you get coarse crumbs.

Pour all the crumbs into a mixing bowl. Stir in corn syrup and milk. Using a large fork or spoon, mix/whip until completely combined (roughly 3-7 minutes).

Refrigerate until cool and set.

Serve and enjoy!