Parfait please! This is a recipe for either a breakfast or dessert parfait. Parfaits are great aren’t they? They taste decadent, but are usually surprisingly healthy (considering other snack/meal options). In a parfait, you can layer any ingredients that you like…so they are readily adaptable to every flavor palate on the planet.

In this recipe, I combine yogurt with the lemon pudding to mellow out the sweetness and add in extra nutritional value. After mixing that up in a big bowl, I layer bananas with frozen raspberries, and sprinkle in Stella Dora cookies that have been crushed up (my parents really like them, but feel free to use granola, short bread cookies, etc). The flavor combo of tart lemon, bright raspberry, and creamy bananas is really nice. Topped with crumbly cookie bits, and you have yourself a meal! For an extra zing of lemon, add in some fresh lemon zest!

**The measurements will vary depending on the size  of your glass**

1 packet instant lemon pudding

8 oz cup of vanilla yogurt

4 Stella Dora cookies (crushed)

2 bananas (sliced)

1-2 cups frozen raspberries

Lemon zest (optional)

Whipped cream (optional)


Prepare the pudding as per the directions on the box (usually 2 cups cold milk, whisk for a couple minutes, and then let it sit for a second to thicken up). Mix in the yogurt and lemon zest (if using).

Put some crushed cookies at the bottom of a glass, layer with the pudding mixture, fruit, and then repeat until you have 2-3 layers of each ingredient.

Top with whipped cream (if desired).