When I was little, my parents told me I didn’t like guacamole. They said it was gross and I should always ask restaurants to take it off my plate. Needless to say, I lost many years despising good ol’ guac when I had never actually tried the stuff. Flash forward to high school. I was at a party and finally had my first guacamole experience. The flavor was so good that it created a major mental shift. I started to think – why did I never try it before? How do I make this? What else am I missing out on?!
Now… I have no idea why my parents tried to train me to hate guacamole (and they’ll deny it if you accuse them of such a crime, so I guess I’ll never know), but here’s my theory. Often, restaurants serve gross mushy piles of old guac. It’s made earlier in the day, sits around, and just tastes horribly. Absolutely disgusting. Almost rancid.
In contrast, my recipe for guacamole is so incredibly good that it converted my entire family to love the green stuff! My mom was so hesitant to try it, but after one bite she literally became addicted (yes literally!). Its a super simple dish to make, but you have to remember two important things. The first secret to great guacamole is to keep it fresh. Yes, it needs to sit a little bit to chill, but the sooner you eat it, the better. If you want the best flavor possible, the ingredients also need to be the freshest you can find. Okay…now the second secret is to keep it a little chunky. Even though it’s meant to be a soft dip, we all crave texture. One of the pitfalls with restaurant guac is that it’s usually pureed goo. No me gusta! Keep it chunky. Trust me.
So yeah…that’s my shpeal about guacamole! The end. Try it!



2 avocados

2-3 garlic cloves (minced)

½ red onion (diced)

1/3 tomato (diced)

1 ½ tablespoon lime juice

½ teaspoon sea salt

½ teaspoon hot sauce

Slice and cube the avocados. Toss the diced avocado in lime juice (the acidity will keep it from browning, as well as brighten up all the flavors).
Scoop out inside of tomato. Dice the “shell”. In the bowl, mix tomato with the minced garlic and diced red onion. Add in chopped cilantro.
Sprinkle in salt/pepper and hot sauce. Stir to combine (don’t worry if some of your avocado chunks mush up…it’s okay!).
Cover and allow to sit in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving, or eat right away. Serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!