It’s the simple things in life that often taste so great. For example, take a look at this – a grilled vegetable crostini. New Jersey has been unseasonably warm this year (totally got sunburn last weekend!), so I decided to make a summer favorite a few months early. So we broke out the grill, got some fresh veggies, and enjoyed the sun! The entire recipe takes around 10 minutes to complete, which makes this a perfect no-fuss entertaining recipe.

For this recipe I combine zucchini, onion, and tomato, a slice of Italian bread, and some cheese. That’s it. Before you write it off and think I’ve lost my touch, try it. Grilled vegetables flavor is always amazing. The grill gives them a smoky char that you really can’t duplicate any other way. The combo of meaty zucchini, spicy onion, and juicy tomato is great. And grilled bread gets deliciously crispy on the outside while still staying soft inside. Everything gets topped with either fontina or asiago cheese, and when it starts to melt you can’t help but fall in love!


Extra virgin olive oil




Fontina cheese (or asiago)

Paprika and garlic powder to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat your grill.

Slice the bread. Drizzle lightly with oil.

Slice the zucchini, tomato, and onion into medium thick slices. Either spray the grill with nonstick spray or lightly oil the veggies. Sprinkle with a little salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.

Place everything on the grill, flipping each after around 3 minutes (or until lightly charred). Grill the other side for 2-3 additional minutes. Remove from grill.

Put one zucchini, onion, and tomato slice on each piece of grilled bread. Top with a slice of cheese. Return to grill (on a higher rack), close lid, and allow the cheese to melt (this takes no more than 2 minutes on my grill). Remove carefully (it’s hot!).

Serve and enjoy!