Creamsicle Splash Cocktail

This year my mom wanted to make a signature drink for Christmas Eve. After searching for a bit, she used a recipe from Sandra Lee on the Food Network and well….lets just say that the drink wasn’t successful. It tasted like cough syrup with a splash of mouth wash. Nothing against Sandra Lee, but it was naaasty! After 10 of those cocktails were poured down the drain, we scratched that recipe, and my family gave me about 2.5 seconds to save the day. And yeah, that’s how this recipe was born. Since all the ladies at the party went wild for it (especially my mom), I thought I’d share it with all of you. If you’re looking for last minute NYE cocktail recipe, or just like your booze, check it out!

I’m calling this recipe a “creamsicle splash”, because it combines the sweet tang of fresh orange juice, silky smooth vanilla, and a little fizz from a bright lemon lime soda. Add in some ice and each sip tastes like a boozy, melted creamsicle. On Christmas Eve, I used fresh orange wedges, but if all you have is a carton of OJ…use that! It’s a fun little drink that takes a seconds to make and is a refreshing change to your typical cocktail. We like it with ice in it, but hey, if you don’t, strain it out! I totally give you permission to go wild.

Creamsicle Splash Cocktail Creamsicle Splash Cocktail

The measurements listed below make 1 drink, but it replicates easily. My mom is literally sipping one right now. Yup. Drinkin’ in the afternoon. Way to go mom. haha

Anyway, thanks for a great 2013 and I’ll see you in 2014. ;)

**Makes 1 drink**

1 orange wedge

2 cl vanilla liqueur (i.e. Cuarenta Y Tres, etc)

6 cl lemon-lime soda

3/4 cup ice


Muddle the orange wedge in a glass (squishing out all the juice).

Add ice into the glass.

Pour in the liqueur and lemon-lime soda.

Stir and carefully pour everything into a martini glass.

Serve and enjoy!