This post isn’t my typical write-up, but that’s because these aren’t your typical prunes. Stapleton’s Californian Gourmet d’Agen Pitted Prunes taste so fresh (which is unusual for a dried, packaged, fruit). The prunes have a soft, chewy center that bursts with flavor. They also have a slightly sweet bite that hits the spot no raisin or craisin could.

I’ve never been a huge prune eater (sorry grandma!), but I definitely found myself snacking on these particular prunes. However, despite the fact they are addictive, try not to devour the whole bag before cooking with a few of them! Actually, cooking my lamb stew with prunes recipe is what introduced me to Stapleton’s…but not in the way you might think. I had never cooked with this brand (sorry Stapleton) and usually used some generic brand without giving second thought to the quality of the prune. Well, I made the prune stew recipe, posted it, and then the company contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in joining their Hunger Game’s recipe contest. Although I didn’t win (recount!) it was still great to be included alongside other delicious food blogs. After the contest ended, an incredibly nice representative named Michael sent me a sample of their prunes along with an apron to thank me for participating! It was so unnecessarily thoughtful that they’ve definitely gained me as a fan. In marketing terms – they completely surprise and delighted me! It seems like a good company with a very tasty product, so I figured I’d include them with my other “Food Finds”!

If you guys are interested, check out their website: