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You know when you eat something addictive, and you can’t exactly explain why you’re inhaling them faster than humanly possible? Yeah, that’s what the effect Quaker Oatmeal Squares have on me. I’m usually not a big cereal person, but then again I don’t actually eat these with the traditional bowl and spoon. I dunk them. That’s right. Dunk. These tiny crunchy squares are perfect for dipping into your favorite spreads. Several times a week I tend to grab for a bag and dip them into hummus. Sounds gross, I know, but I really can’t help it! The oatmeal squares are slightly sweet but not off-putting with the savory hummus…in fact, it is positively amazing. If you decide to be a little bit more conventional, I sometimes slather the squares with creamy peanut butter and Nutella…at the same time. It’s so good and makes the perfect, simple dessert bite. Before you judge my odd snack habits that seem to be more in sync with a pregnant woman than a 24 years old guy, give it a try. It’s really great!



Oh! I buy the double bag box. Between my dad and brother eating it as cereal, and me dipping…it goes quick! Buying this food find in bulk helps save money!