SpeculoosSpeculoosUm yeah….

So apparently I haven’t posted a Food Find since October 2012. It’s safe to say that I’m slacking on that front. Big time. But rest assured, I haven’t stopped finding cool, tasty, and unique food products and restaurants over the last nine months! I just get sidetracked with life and recipes and all that shizz. Get off my back! However, what do you guys think; should I keep up this section of my blog or let it fade away gracefully? Well…before you make up your mind, let me first introduce you to Speculoos Cookie Butter. Although it’s a strange name, once you try it, you’ll remember it forever.

Speculoos spreadable cookie butter is delicious “gunk” that you can slather onto sandwiches, waffles, and all sorts of goodies. It  tastes exactly like cookies, with hints of shortbread, brown sugar, ginger, and all kinds of warm spices. Lets just say that if peanut butter, holiday cookies, and Nutella (even though it contains no chocolate) had a threeway, cookie butter would be their love child. I’m tempted to dip other cookies in it….I bet that incestuous combo would be fan-freakin-tastic.

It’s a bit firmer than peanut butter, with a rougher texture (imagine finely ground cookie crumbs that got stuck in creamy peanut butter). Prior to taking a scoop, I’d recommend mixing it up to make it softer. Trust me, mixing helps get it super spreadable. If you’d like a little extra texture, cookie butter also comes in “crunchy”…but I haven’t tried that variety yet, so if you have, definitely give us the 4-1-1.

Anyway, if you’re ever in the mood for the ultimate dessert dip, this might be it. Happy eating! :)

**You can purchase a jar online here**