Good Greens is a socially conscious company that believes “there should be a simple and delicious way to get the nutrients necessary to support a healthy body”…and they definitely live up to that motto. You honestly won’t believe these bars are healthy for you. After taking a bite, I had to double check the label because I thought they had mistakenly mailed me candy bars. I mean, the box says each bar gives you 100% of your daily fruits and vegetables, but every bite is so decadent! So I glanced at the ingredients and saw they’re packed with soy, cocoa, greens, super fruits, berries, etc. Boy, did they have me fooled into thinking I was eating a dessert!

Anyway, they sent me some of their bars to try out, so I thought it would be fun to have a little taste test with my family. The results were varied but my brother, dad, and I couldn’t get enough of the Chocolate Peanut Butter. It’s rich, has huge peanut butter flavor, and hits the spot like you wouldn’t believe. My mom’s favorite (and my second favorite) is the Chocolate Raspberry. This bar smells like freshly picked berries and has such a deep flavor that you’re going to want seconds. The top three rounds out with Wildberry, due to its interesting texture and chewy fruity deliciousness.

Let me list the benefits of these bars for you guys: they’re packed with omega 3s, are low-glycemic, loaded with antioxidants and probiotics, and they’re all natural. Each bar is raw, organic, vegan, and they have some incredible gluten free flavors (let me just close my eyes and savor the chocolate peanut butter again!). Each bar, excluding Wildberry, is covered in organic dairy free chocolate. And don’t be nervous or grossed out by the idea of dairy free chocolate! You seriously can’t tell the difference from “normal” chocolate.

So yeah! If you want a protein bar disguised as a candy bar that’s packed with 100% of your daily amount of fruits and veggies, then look no further than Good Greens! You’re going to forget you’re eating something good for you.

Here are their delicious flavors:

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Raspberry


Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Chunk


**these would be tasty treats to give to Trick-or-Treaters this year for Halloween**