I was introduced to the world of basmati rice by the same friend who introduced me to Indian cuisine. It changed my concept of what rice should be. The long grain puffs slightly when cooked, making it light and fluffy…and I mean fluffy. When it finishes cooking and you “fluff” it with a fork, the rice is so airy! Like little edible clouds laying about my plate haha.

Since that first basmati rice filled forkful, my family has been purchasing bags of it as one of our go-to grains. And I mean legit bags. Bombay Market packages their rice in burlap sacks that instantly remind me of markets in Northern Africa. It’s so cool! Written on the bag is:

Basmati Rice is grown in the fertile soil of the Himalayan region. The cool clean mountain air, abdunant streams and rainfall create the perfect growing conditions that give this premium Basmati rice its special flavor and aroma. In addition to its delicious nutty flavor and firm texture, Basmati rice is low in calories, contains no far, no sodium and no cholesterol. Enjoy it in good health!

Nice description, isn’t it? The rice is subtly nutty and delicious. The rice smells great too.

Okay…now back to the packaging! Take a look at those pictures – doesn’t it look like something a camel hauled through the dessert? Ingenious! The designers over at Bombay Market definitely need a raise because plastic bags and boxes so “bleh” compared to these sacks! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the taste of basmati rice, but this is definitely a rare situation where packing swayed my purchasing decision. Why you ask? Because I honestly never buy other brands of rice anymore! Try it out and become a basmati lover just like me :D

You can find this product here: 
Bombay Basmati Rice White