Over the fields and through the woods to pumpkin pick we go!


As you guys know, I love pumpkin picking but wasn’t able to go last year. It totally bummed me out, so this year I made it a point to fit a trip to the pumpkin patch into my schedule. There was no way I would skip my favorite fall tradition two years in a row (especially since I didn’t have any watermelons to back me up haha)! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, and it honestly felt a summer day. I even got to wear shorts and flip flops. Loved it.

Anyway, I took the pumpkin patch by storm with none other than fashion blogger extraordinaire, Jennifer Hsieh. That’s right, she made the trek down from NYC to spend the day with me running around farms, playing in hay, picking pumpkins, and zipping through corn mazes. She had never picked pumpkins before (ah!) so I knew it would be fun.

After getting to the farm, we hoped on a hayride (with about 20 excited 5 year olds) that drove us through the woods and out to a field. The hayride trail was marked with wood cut outs of various cartoon characters and some “haunted” shacks with ghouls and spiders hanging out the windows. As quirky as that sounds, it was exactly like I remember growing up. We drove through a small corn field before the tractor left us at the pumpkin patch. Once there, Jen and I spent a good amount of time snapping pictures, joking around, and finding the perfect pumpkins to decorate our houses. In our mini adventure, we got covered in little sticker bush/bramble/thorny things. It was pretty funny even though it made us itch!

We paid for the pumpkins in a barn that was filled with local produce, pies, and products. They had SO many types of honey and pumpkin snacks lining the shelves. Since I was low on funds, I picked up 5 flavored honey sticks for a dollar (big spender, huh? haha). Jen loved all the pancake and bread mixes, but wasn’t sure why anyone would need a giant chunk of honeycomb. To be honest…I’m not sure either! So if anyone knows, please fill us in haha.

We took everything back to my house, painted some of our finds, and then drove to ANOTHER farm to munch on apple cider donuts. Once there, we took the donuts to their corn maze, and then headed to the train to ship Jen back up to NYC.

So…to tie this post back to food – Pumpkins are such a cool vegetable. They’re huge, brightly colored, smell amazing, and I’ve always liked cooking with them. Being at the pumpkin patch this weekend inspired me to make a few pumpkin related recipes, so be on the lookout for some in the weeks to come. ;)

Yours Truly,

– Stephen