Whenever you cook, remember to taste the food throughout the cooking process. Not only does tasting help make sure you achieve the desired flavor, but it also gives you a better idea of what seasonings go together! If the outcome is not what you were hoping for, just change the amount of seasonings the next time. The same thing goes for cooking time – if you burn it today, just change the cooking time tomorrow!

It’s all about guess and check…you’ll never know how to cook something without being hands on; experimenting is key. I know it’s a dorky cliché, but practice really does make perfect. Don’t give up on your bland chicken or burned casserole; each time you make it, it will get better and better if you adjust for what you did wrong.

For example – Rachael Ray always says she burns bread when toasting it in the oven. However, that doesn’t stop her from ever toasting bread! Personally, I would always dry out fish before I learned how to cook them. With practice I was able to cook deliciously moist filets that could be proudly served in any seafood restaurant. In regards to tasting throughout the cooking process, just pick up the spoon every so often and taste! You’ll instinctively know when it has no flavor (or if you over seasoned)…next time just alter your measurements. You’ll be amazed at what you can whip up!

Yours Truly,