It happens every summer – I stay lean and mean until August when I pack on some pounds. Literally every year. Who knew that late nights filled with nachos, pizza, drinks, and other summertime party foods would catch up with me?! haha. I begin to start feeling sluggish, lethargic, and just all around “meh”. So I take one night, binge eat until I’m about to puke (literally until midnight that night) and then start eating healthy again the next day. I’m not big on diets, mainly because I’m horrible at sticking to them for longer than a week. Because of this, I decided to let you guys know about my favorite foods that help with weight loss. There are a lot more fat busting foods out there, so definitely check out Google to find them (my other favorites are yogurt and sweet potatoes). Try combining a few items from this list to make a healthy and fat fighting meal!


Green Tea – There was a time in my life where I drank 6-12 cups of green tea a day. I’m not even kidding haha. Green tea contains the chemical EGCG, which increases brain and nervous system activity. As a result, your body burns more calories when it’s working harder/faster (even when you’re at rest!). Also, just because it’s hot during the summer doesn’t mean you can’t keep drinking green tea! Chill and sip poolside instead of the typical summertime sugar filled sweet tea.

Eggs – Perfect for those on a budget, eggs provide you with amazing protein and healthy fats. I prefer egg whites over the full yolk/white package, but eat whichever you prefer! Just remember to take it easy on the butter and salt when cooking eggs – that’s where the high calorie myth comes from!

Whole Grains – Now this is a no-brainer; whole grains are healthy for you than processed wheat. Not only do they contain more fiber, whole grains are also complex carbs. This means that you will feel full longer, making you less prone to snacking. They also help prevent your insulin from spiking after eating. Insulin spikes mean that your body is about to store fat…which is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve.

Spicy food – I first learned about the benefits of spicy food from a Moroccan cookbook. Spicy peppers and other foods often contain capsaicin, which speeds up your heart rate and consequentially your metabolism. Chopping up a few jalapenos to add to your food also gives it a healthy, low calorie way of boosting flavor.

Salmon – The nutritional benefits of salmon are broadcast everywhere….it’s a delicious, non-fishy fish that’s firm for grilling but also perfect for baking/broiling. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help build muscle and lower your leptin levels. Extra muscle and low leptin levels mean more calories burned.

Pomegranates – Pomegranates are deliciously tart and sweet. Pomegranate juice is incredibly popular due to the high antioxidant content, but I really love the seeds. They seeds are low in calories but high in flavor and fiber, and are the perfect size for garnishes for your favorite dishes. As a snack, it satisfies my sweet AND crunchy cravings, which keeps me from reaching for a bag of chips. Less snacking, more fiber, and you’ll start to drop some pounds!