apple & pumpkin picking 2013

Hello everyone! The past few weekends have been absolutely gorgeous in New Jersey. Due to a slowing real estate season, I’ve been able to sneak in some me-time, and it’s been absolutely amazing. Anyone who works multiple jobs or long hours will understand; when you have an extra second of life, you actually savor it. Free time definitely isn’t taken for granted anymore. So for a few hours every other Sunday, I’ve been able to visit some of my favorite orchards and markets to pick fresh fruit, browse locally grown organic produce, and take part in the fall activities that I love so much.

It started out with apple picking a couple of weeks ago. Remember Meagan? Well, she’s still changing the world through the Peace Corps for anyone who’s curious. Even though she’s half a world away, I went back her favorite place to pick some apples; Terhune Orchards. The setup of this farm is perfect – there is a centrally located main section that has a shop, field to pick flowers, corn maze, etc. It’s always fun to go there to see the seasonal veggies and baked goods filling the shelves in their market. They have a wine tasting room too, which I didn’t visit…this time. The other section is a field down the road where you can pick your own organic apples. Since it was a little late in the season, a lot of the trees were already picked through, but it was still a great time hunting for the perfect apple.

Coincidentally enough, Jen (the best fashion blogger and friend on the planet) got to the orchard right as I was leaving! We literally just missed each other. We had gone to Terhune last year for apple cider donuts. This year, she was bringing her boyfriend and his mother to experience the grounds. I’m glad I got her hooked on that place…it’s a fun farm! She wrote an awesome post about her trip and the pictures are killer. That girl has some serious talent.

IMG951789 1

Since we’re on the topic of Ms. Jennifer Hsieh…last year we went pumpkin picking together! We wanted to make it a yearly tradition, but sadly our schedules just didn’t align. Maybe I’ll go again with her next weekend, who knows. This past Sunday I went with my parents. It was quick trip (we were visiting my grandparents directly afterward), but it was still great to roam the fields looking for the perfect pumpkin. My mom went a little overboard taking pictures for her Instagram (@naturepop) so you can probably see some of our artsy adventures on her gallery page. While we were meandering around, we noticed that almost all of the pumpkins were oblong and misshapen. Usually we’d see that quintessential round, jack-o-lantern shape that everyone craves to carve, however it looked like that shape didn’t even exist this year. Finding it odd, we decided to ask the ladies at  the check-out table why everything was so oval. They informed us that all the rain we had throughout the summer caused the pumpkins to elongate. Isn’t that cool? I mean, it makes sense that extra water would change the shape, but it’s still a cool farm fact. There’s always something new to learn…

When we got to my grandma’s house, she mentioned she may cook the pumpkin I gave her next week. I think she inspired me because I’ve been dreaming up new pumpkin recipes the last two nights. Hmmm….



Yours Truly,