10 foods to get you in the mood 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood

WARNING: This post contains adult information.

I was talking to my friend Amanda on the phone the other day and she said her and her boyfriend have big, mysterious plans for Valentine’s Day. Apparently he told her to pack an overnight bag with a fancy dress, so who knows what she’s in store for. To be honest, I didn’t even remember it was V-Day until I talked to her. Oh the glorious oblivion of being single. But yeah, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! And even though I’m spending it all by my lonesome (again), I thought I’d throw everyone a bone (pun intended) by sharing 10 of the best foods to get your partner in the mood. That’s right, this is a list of 10 aphrodisiacs! There are a ton more and I had a lot of fun writing up this list, so I might follow it up with another 10 foods next year. Who knows…ask me in a year! haha

But anyway, without further ado…

Discard your Drakkar Noir, fold up those leopard sheets, and don’t bother to light any scented candles cause you can now raid the fridge if you want a romp in the sheets! ;)


asparagusimage 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood1. Asparagus

Having a strong resemblance to male genitalia, asparagus contains high levels of Vitamin E, which helps produce testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. These hormones aide in vaginal lubrication and increased sex drive. Asparagus also has foliac acid, which produces histamine (stuff that helps one’s ability to reach orgasm).


banana 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood2. Bananas

Shaped like a phallus, bananas contain A LOT of potassium. If you know anything about potassium, you’ll know that it helps with muscle strength. Sexually, bananas will strengthen orgasm contractions/spasms. There she blows! haha


celery 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood3. Celery

Celery contains androsterone, which is a hormone naturally produced by men that stimulates sexual arousal in women.


chocolate 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood4. Chocolate

It’s no coincidence that women often think chocolate is better than sex. This confection contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which creates a sense of euphoria. It’s traces of caffeine also wake us up and often make us want to burn off excess energy.


flaxseed 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood5. Flax

Did you know that flax will thicken your semen? ‘Nuff said.


fig wasp 3 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood6. Figs

Quite possibly the oldest known aphrodisiac, figs loosely resemble female sex organs. They help prolong a man’s erection, while also delaying female climaxes. But be warned – these little fruits increase fertility, so if you don’t want a baby, make sure to play safely!


Goji Berries 0 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood7. Goji Berries

Want stronger feelings of sexual arousal? Pop a few goji berries! They increase blood flow, testosterone, and sperm production.


Maca3 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood8. Maca Root

The maca root has long been used in Peru to increase libido and sexual strength. Let’s just call this root “nature’s Viagra”.


images 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood9. Pomegranates

The antioxidants in this superfood protects the lining of our blood vessels, thus allowing for higher blood flow. Pomegranates increase genital sensitivity and lasting erections.


oysters 290x290 10 Foods to Get You in the Mood10. Oysters 

The most widely known aphrodisiac on the market is oysters! This shellfish contains high levels of zinc and monounsaturated oils, which increases the production of sperm and testosterone. More testosterone translates to a higher sex drive. Oysters also share a resemblance to the vagina, thus subconsciously making us think about sex.


**All these food pictures were found on the internet…other than the awesome intro graphic I made ;)**



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